Continental Group Project

by Kimberly Springer, Curator for Oral History Spanning seventy years of the Continental Can Company, oral histories with 226 employees illustrate the type of research and practice the Oral History Research Office (OHRO) conducted for many of its own formative years. Major companies would contract with the OHRO to conduct interviews about its history and… Continue reading Continental Group Project

Carnegie Corporation of New York Oral Histories Collection

by Karen Wang, Columbia University Libraries Intern What does philanthropy have to do with business? Andrew Carnegie, magnate of the U.S. steel industry, built his empire from humble beginnings with business acumen and insider trading (commonplace and legal at the time). Carnegie is also known for his philanthropy and his philosophy “The Gospel of Wealth,”… Continue reading Carnegie Corporation of New York Oral Histories Collection

Black Journalists Oral History Collection

by Kae Bara Kratcha, Entrepreneurship and Social Science Librarian The Black Journalists Oral History Collection meddles with the definition of “business oral history” by presenting business practices that center community care and activism rather than profit and providing narratives that show the success of the Black press as dependent on a network rather than a… Continue reading Black Journalists Oral History Collection

Federated Department Stores Project

by Kae Bara Kratcha, Entrepreneurship and Social Science Librarian The catalog summary of the Federated Department Stores Project begins, “This project comprises a series of interviews with those who built the largest department store organization in the United States, Federated Department Stores.” Scholars interested in the history of retail business, business organizational structure, consumer taste… Continue reading Federated Department Stores Project

Un-hiding sexuality

Ben Duncan (1927-2016) was an American-born English writer and advertising executive. He lived for most of his life in England with his partner and eventual husband, the English advertising executive Dick Chapman (1930-2012). Duncan met Chapman at Oxford and proposed to him in 1952. More than fifty years later, on December 21, 2005, the couple… Continue reading Un-hiding sexuality

Exhibition | Dynamic Archives

In October 2018, Dynamic Archives: naming and identification was installed as a small-scale cube exhibition in the reception area to the Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Curated by Kimberly Springer, Celeste Brewer and Yingwen Huang, our intention was to make visible the thoughtful labor and ethical thinking that RBML’s archivists put into description. In addition… Continue reading Exhibition | Dynamic Archives

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