Continental Group Project

by Kimberly Springer, Curator for Oral History Spanning seventy years of the Continental Can Company, oral histories with 226 employees illustrate the type of research and practice the Oral History Research Office (OHRO) conducted for many of its own formative years. Major companies would contract with the OHRO to conduct interviews about its history and… Continue reading Continental Group Project

Black Journalists Oral History Collection

by Kae Bara Kratcha, Entrepreneurship and Social Science Librarian The Black Journalists Oral History Collection meddles with the definition of “business oral history” by presenting business practices that center community care and activism rather than profit and providing narratives that show the success of the Black press as dependent on a network rather than a… Continue reading Black Journalists Oral History Collection

OHAC archives assistant describes new collection on addiction

Visit the OHAC news stream on the RBML news site to learn about a newly processed collection, the Addicts Who Survived oral history collection. Keri Kelly, archives assistant and a senior in Columbia College studying creative writing and ethnic studies, is part of the team that prepared transcripts, compiled interview summaries, and wrote narrator biographies for this historic collection that includes interviews with narcotic addicts and dealers, doctors specializing in addiction treatment, police officers and detectives specializing in drug-related crime, and founders of various narcotic treatment programs.